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Job description

About Differential

We’re a digital-product agency proudly headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, but our team spans across the United States. Our mission is to rapidly unlock value for good people with meaningful ideas.

Differential hires motivated, trustworthy people so we can optimize for a free & flexible culture: flexible hours, unlimited vacation, remote work, and working on stuff you’re excited about. When you’ve got a dedicated team that takes pride in their work, you don’t have to worry about how much time they’re spending at their desk.

We are also very picky about the types of clients we’ll work with. In line with our mission, we partner with forward-thinking corporate pioneers and innovators to revolutionize their organizations from the inside out and bring impactful products to life. Our process aims to create original digital products and services that innovate and reshape companies. This translates to a diverse range of products like transforming retail with Adidas, helping Lexmark innovate cross-industry, streamlining the sales process with Big Ass Fans, to multi-platform mobile apps for large audiences with Crossroads Church.

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Job Description

We’re looking for a DevOps Developer to join our team as a full-time contractor for 12 months and focus on improving the development infrastructure across a diverse product ecosystem. You will be working alongside a Differential Product Team — a team of developers plus a Product Lead — and communicating directly with North Point Ministries, one of our client partners where we (Differential) serve as their development team.


The ideal DevOps Developer Contractor candidate…


  • Knows how to set up and scale development infrastructure.

  • Knows how to implement deployment processes and systems.

  • Knows their way around SSH and managing servers.

  • Writes extensive and clear documentation.

  • Has extensive experience with Microsoft Azure and Heroku.

  • Has extensive experience with relational databases (e.g. PostgreSQL).

  • Has extensive experience with SQL.


  • Has experience with a range of languages (Rails, PHP, JavaScript, .NET, etc.).

  • Has experience with GraphQL and the Jamstack.

Some of your responsibilities will be…

  • Communicating with multiple stakeholders to drive alignment.

  • Creating and updating documentation.

  • Leading infrastructure/architecture decisions.

  • Monitoring a wide range of products for security, stability, and uptime.

Some initial objectives will be to…

  • Improve the Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

  • Improve the Heroku infrastructure.

  • Create new infrastructure (databases, APIs, etc.).

Outcomes of this work will be…

  • Creating clear documentation and processes for creating, removing, scaling, and monitoring the infrastructure in Microsoft Azure.

  • Creating clear documentation and processes for creating, removing, scaling, and monitoring the infrastructure in Heroku.

  • Helping create new infrastructure: a unified database and GraphQL API that will serve a large ecosystem of products.

You can expect to work with people who:

  • Communicate effectively with clients and teammates

  • Are self-motivated

  • Are curious about technology and the impact it can make on the world

  • Enjoy taking ownership and responsibility for their work

  • Enjoy collaborating with others on solving meaningful problems

Candidates must be based in the United States and be available during Eastern timezone standard business hours for both client and product team meetings. 

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity and inclusion at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.